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Solresol Day - 2015

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Misisol Doremi lasi Solresol! Happy Solresol Day!

I haven't been active - the past year has been crazy for me to say the least - but I still love Solresol and see its greatness. Goal for next year: write Solresol Day wishes fully in Solresol. :) It's a bit nerve-racking to think that far ahead (August 15, 2016), as so much can happen in a year, but gotta set goals, right? :D

Cheers, guys!
Yeah, goals, what are those? :P

Believe it or not, despite my own inactivity on here, I get an email every time someone posts, and I immediately go read the post. My posting of responses is a bit lacking, but I do hope to improve that in the future. This website and everything on it is still on my To-Do List, though pretty far down. Everything works, though, so things will just remain stable.

I also do hope to devote more time to actually learning Solresol. Ironically, working on the translator would probably teach me quite a bit. Anyway, Happy (belated at this point) Solresol Day!

What should we do for the upcoming year?