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Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to say that I think that those of us who really want to learn the Language of Music™ should increase the amount of time we use to talk with it. Therefore, I think we should make a skype/what'sapp/kik/anyotherthing group full of people who want to learn it. That way both newcomers and veterans will be able to have fun while practicing it, and better yet get to know others who are trying to increase the prevelance of Solresol...

So what does everyone think?? I pretty much just want more people to converse and learn :p
I think that is a good idea if you ask me.
Dore solsimisol mire faremi solsimire fala sol domi dosoldomi.

I have found the names that we could use:

La Misolresi (Society)
La Misolrêla (Group)
La Misôlrela (Meeting)
La Solsilâsol (Communication)
La Lasîrela (Network)
Great! If anyone else is interested, just PM me! (:
The bad news is: there is not much people here at the moment.
I wish there was more activity here to keep the community alive.