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Greetings! I was thinking that having a word of the day would help ease people into Solresol and help get some more life on the forum overall. :D

Word of the Day: milasol = to like/love (for things)
Word of the Day: lafafa - snow/snowy/to snow
Word of the Day: domifasol - childhood, youth, adolescence/young, adolescent, youthful, juvenile
Word of the Day: falare - to be able to/possible/possibility
Word of the Day: farefa - to go
Word of the Day: lamisol - to forget/forgetting, oblivion/forgetful, oblivious
Missed yesterday, so...

2 x Word of the Day:

famisol - to have

fasolla - to do/doable/action

Word of the Day: siresisi - astronomy/astronomer/astronomical
Word of the Day: fasollado - ocean, sea, gulf, bay/oceanic
Word of the Day: ladofa - to read/reading/reader/ readable, legible/legibly
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