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I wanted to post this document somewhere, and this seemed the most relevant thread to do it:
http://fiatlingua.org/wp-content/upload ... 00C-00.pdf
I really recommend you all take the time to read it, partly just because it's quite interesting. There's stuff about how a conlang community should work to allow for the language to grow and live, and why communitites fail, and stuff like that.
One of the points the author makes is that for a language to truly survive, there must be no governing body - anarchy is the way to go.
I find myself agreeing with him, but I also would note that we're not necessarily in the stage of Solresol where we truly have a 'baseline' language, and for that to happen we definitely do need a system of agreeing upon standards. However, it may be that once we're done with that, the governing body should step aside, being in some sense 'obsolete'.
He also says that there shouldn't be a set of rules about the language, that everything should be defined based on usage. I do find myself disagreeing - I really think in our case it would be very valuable to have a set of immutable rules (trying to keep them as general as possible, but still existing). Perhaps that's because we're trying to 'revive' a language, instead of 'constructing' one, so we probably want to hold to some specific parameters?

Anyway - the article is good, and it's just some food for thought. Especially since our community tends to go through these phases of very minimal activity - it'd be nice to fix that. :)
Heh. I figured the slow activity was due to people going back to school/classes. I'll check out the article though!
Yeah, that's how it is for me - I'm gonna try to find an alotted time to work on Solresol though. I miss it :)
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My analysis of Sidosi's status on the goals presented in the aforementioned document (numbered accordingly):
  1. I believe we have this one already. Solresol is unique in that it aims to have an essentially infinite number of forms, all having the same meaning within the language. It is one of few languages with an emphasis on a musical form. Also, judging by the language set by users upon registration for these forums, we are building up a diverse community.
  2. This one is one I think we're tending toward the "wrong" direction, just because we want an "answer". In our defense, the language is a bit unforgiving itself, since mistaking one syllable for another can totally change the word. We do already have a standard of sorts; it's just working out Sudre vs. Gajewski vs. alternative.
  3. I think we've got this one as well. I don't see any requirement of membership, and even had we already established a governing body of some type, I kept in mind "real life". ;)
  4. This one pretty much rests on me. :oops: I at least have language packs for the forums and individual international forums, but besides that, everything's English-centric. I would put out a call for translations, but I think we could use the wiki to our advantage for translations.

    A newbie guide really is needed, since I know a list of 100+ resources is intimidating (and sometimes contradictory), and a translator is just confusing at first. I've actually been thinking about using Garrison's tutorials as a base for the guide, but don't get me wrong—for me, the newbie guide has been nothing more than a fleeting thought so far. If anyone else is already putting together such a resource, let me know! Perhaps, though, we could collaborate on the wiki to make one.

    Another fleeting thought has been about increasing actual usage of Solresol. Perhaps to help this issue, but still follow Rule 3, there could be a "soft requirement" of posting in the "Discussion in Solresol" forum. The requirement wouldn't be enforced per se, but perhaps a "reminder" message could be sent to those who have been inactive in that forum.
  5. I think this one is where we still need to do some work, since some basic concepts are lacking. As Garrison expressed, perhaps we could have a bit of formal decision-making at first to ensure we establish an easy-to-learn base.
  6. I think Solresol overwhelmingly takes care of this one. What could be more fun than writing with colors, symbols, music, patterns, etc.? :D
  7. I think this one is mostly taken care of by the established publications of Sudre and Gajewski, but now we're in the situation of evaluating that material and determining its suitability in the modern incarnation of Solresol.
  8. I think this one is one we're finding it tough to do, but I think increasing usage will be the key, as the author of that document says. Basically, if you like an idea, start following it!
  9. This one is also tough because we already have a mostly established and published grammar. I think we could again utilize the wiki to present linguistic issues that have come up, and all the presented "solutions" to the issues.
  10. Another tough one. We already have an established dictionary by Sudre, but I think we are following this guideline by making a derivative dictionary open to contributions.
  11. I don't think any sort of automatic authority has already been established, and really was planned to be established (my plan for governance was more about just structure than enforcing language rules)
  12. I already knew about this issue, but was unsure how to handle it given the current incompleteness of the language. My goal has always been to reach the point of releasing all information on this site under public domain. It gets tricky with members' preferences, so I kept it at a relatively open, yet sensible license (no commercial use, and required attribution). I don't have the intent of enforcing copyright on usage of grammar or vocabulary; I just wanted to protect our own contributions against plagiarism. In any case, public domain access of grammar and vocabulary resources is my ultimate goal.
If there's one thing in that document with which I am in 100% agreement, it is that usage is key. I will jump-start my own efforts of becoming conversational in Solresol, like I said I would a while ago, and I hope some others do the same!

Anyway, that's just my response to that document as I feel it applies to this community. I hope some others add their own commentary. I think it would be a mistake to treat this document as a constitution for us, but I do feel it has many helpful guidelines that we can adapt to our own ideas.
Dan wrote:My analysis of Sidosi's status on the goals presented in the aforementioned document (numbered accordingly):
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