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This is a topic for discussion of misprints in books about Solresol, especially of the book, published in 1866 (I know, that it is inexhaustible theme!..).
When I prepared my list of opposites, I found a valuable misprint.
In ideographical dictionary it is written: sidosolmialley, sidosolfamonotony; French equivalent of word “monotony” is written in italics font, which means, that this word has an antonym (but fasoldosi means “dagger”, and this is not opposite meaning). Alphabetical dictionary gives these words in right order: alleysidosolfa, monotonysidosolmi (and misoldosi means “variety”). I think, that it is obvious misprint, and in this case we must trust to alphabetical dictionary more than to ideographical one.
Where could I find a print copy of this book?
I can't say anything about print copy, but there are digital variants (in pdf and djvu formats) at the Resources section of this site (book of 1866 year called "Langue Musicale Universelle").
Great find, Shido!
And thanks! :D
You're doing some really good analysis. I've updated the dictionary, so the meanings are now sidosolmi - monotony, and sidosolfa - alley. And I thanked you again in the dictionary change log.
Keep it up! I really love that you're doing such deep research.