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"Pattern" Solresol

Proposals and discussions about additional forms of Solresol
In my expansive hunt for Solresol resources, I came across an image that depicts an invented form of Solresol using patterns of lines and dots. I think it would be interesting to consider this as another usable form, but I have a significant improvement that could be done to it.

The improvement is a major one, but I think it would benefit this form more than harm it. Since the seven patterns already resemble stenograph form, I think the patterns should nearly mimic the stenographs. Here are my proposed patterns:

Do:Image Re:Image Mi:Image Fa:Image Sol:Image La:Image Si:Image

The line-only patterns directly mimic the stenographs. The dot-only pattern represents the circle that is "do". The two mixed patterns represent the half-circle facing in the direction of the lines (the half-circle in "mi" faces down, so the lines in my "mi" pattern go up and down, and similarly with "la"). So basically, the patterns with dots represent the stenographs with a curve.

I think a thick vertical line to separate syllables and a space to separate words would still work. I don't think accents should be considered in this form, since it's all about common patterns, and accents would make some syllables stick out from others.

I imagine this form being used in sewing and knitting when all seven colors aren't desired and the other forms would be too complex. In fact, a patchwork quilt would be an excellent medium for this form. Not to get too off-topic, but a related theory is that slaves on the Underground Railroad used patterns in quilts to communicate secret messages. It'd be kind of neat to use Solresol in a way that already has historical significance.
I agree, I like your form a lot better, and obviously this isn't a prevalent enough form to worry about "major" changes, in my opinion. So I would go ahead and call this a 'standard', if we want to have one. I think that if a pattern Solresol is to exist, then this makes the most sense.
Of course, one of the beauties of Solresol is that it doesn't really particularly matter - as long as you have an 'alphabet' of seven characters, they can be anything you want :D