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dore dosolfala misisimi refasolfa!

So.. this little project started off yesterday in the Stenographic tread. I posted about my first attempt to create a Solresol font. I put it there hoping I could make it fit the description, unfortunately I think it is better to leave the "handwritten feel" out for now. What I'm trying to develop is a simple and usable font. which the community perhaps could use on the forum to write posts in Solresol, and not just about it.

I figured if we had a simple way of writing Solresol (besides abbreviating/spelling out the symbols), then maybe we would feel more inclined to try to converse in the language. And with a digital font, I think we could get that level of simplicity. Maybe someone with more computer skills than I possess could help me develop the font into a language-patch (or something) to be installed in the browser. but I'm getting ahead of myself!

I've tried a few different approaches and so far, this is the best I could come up with. I created this font, which I call Soreso (because I'm using the T key for the Si symbol), and uploaded it to my Google Drive to share with whomever might be interested.

To emphasize a symbol:
make a ▲ sign, hold Shift and press corresponding symbol key, it will make a emphasized symbol.
To stress a symbol:
Make a → sign, type symbol, then hit Shift+Dash key, it will add stress sign to the symbol.

The symbols correspond to the following keys: (in order of appearance)
(space) ! , . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ?
D F L M R S T (Shift + Dash) d f l m r s t

Any thoughts, comments, questions, ideas, suggestions? I'm all ears! (:
Any thoughts, comments, questions, ideas, suggestions?
The spacing needs to be adjusted. The words are too close and the letters are too far apart.
Why not just use numbers and bold, italicize or underline them for stress or length?