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Writing plural words

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How do you make words plural? I know about the stressed consonant system. But how do you show that in writing?
I've thought about using hyphens after the last consonant in the words. Examples: "Faresif-a", "Solmisoll-a", "Misolred-o".
What are people's thoughts?

I use carons.

Faresiḟa", "Solmisolľa", "Misolreďo"
I don't think it's necessary. For example, in Japanese and Chinese, they almost don't have plurals in their language. They have counters that measure the amount of the object, e.g. "three (measure word for animal) of cat" rather than "three cats", or "two (measure word for flat items) of book" rather than "two books."

Singular or numerous objects can usually be determined by context. 我有一大堆襪子 (Hanyu Pinyin: wo2 you3 yi2 da4 dui1 wa4 zi5) converted to a more literal English is "I have one big pile (of) sock" -- which might sound weird in English, but we know by the context that I have a whoooole lot of socks. Adding anything to the "sock" noun to indicate a multiple isn't needed, nor does it cause confusion in its native tongue.

In Japanese, "-tachi" can be added after pronouns to give a concept of "we, us", but only with pronouns.

I imagine in Solresol you would use "milalafa" to indicate a greater amount, and adding something to the noun would probably be redundant. (That's the way I would use it, since I've always found the way English handles plurals to be confusing.)

Sorry to bump this thread after 2 years, wanted to give my thoughts on it. :)
Ludmilla wrote: Sorry to bump this thread after 2 years, wanted to give my thoughts on it. :)
No, it is good to have some activity here.