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I asked this question at the relevant subreddit too, but it should be better here.

The particular problem is this: Gajewski's grammar says that dodo indicates the imperfect indicative & the pluperfect indicative, while rere indicates the simple past, the anterior past & certain subjunctive tenses. So in short, dodo is pluperfect & rere is past, right? But Wikipedia claims the opposite: that dodo is the past & rere is the pluperfect. There's an inconsistency.

The wider issue is that notions of tenses, like pluperfect or anterior past vary from language to language, so it's not very helpful to use these expressions without explaining what they mean in the given context. However, I don't seem to be able to find adequate sources. It doesn't make it easier, that Solresol seems to have been mainly based on French with English influence, given that the tense systems of those two languages are wildly different.

This section of Sudre's book, which you can find here (in french), on page 30 of the PDF file, indicates that Wikipedia is right on this instance.
Dodo is listed as being Imperfect and definite past, and Réré is pluperfect, both indicative and subjunctive.

As for Solresol being "french with english influence", i do not think that's the case. it's more that Sudre wanted to simplify French grammar to make it fit the ideas he had for Solresol, and some alterations coincide with bits of English grammar.