PetGabM wrote:
But of course it would lead to very long names and in some cases would be words that already exist in Solresol
I don't think they would end up being too long, since we're only using the consonants, and skipping vowels.
triple-syllable words. What I mean is like dododo or rerere etc. They aren't taking up any room and using that plus the system suggest, it could I think work...

I think we should use the triple-syllables to designate things that are hard in Solresol. Maybe dododo for names, rerere for loanwords, stuff like that?
It definitely would work, but it would be best if we could find a use for tripling all seven syllables.
dododo~milare? (I don't know if I fully understand the system)

Looks like you understand it, but I think it would be dododomirere, not dododomilare
That makes a little more sense..... thanks for the clarification! I really like that idea. The hard part is that Solresol as a language, like English, has no official regulating body to make the rules for the language. But I will continue to use dododo and your system. It's a good idea! :D

dododo~mirere :D