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Past tense verbs

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How do you make words like 'was' or 'ran' when speaking Solresol?

It is hard to find what Sudre intended as I do not speak or read French, but the google translation of his book leads me to believe you place 'dodo' befor the verb you intend to make past tense ('was' is the past tense of 'is'). I am not possitive however.

Gajewski, who has the advantage of his work being translated to English, uses 'rere' for past tense rather then 'dodo'. http://mozai.com/writing/not_mine/solre ... ng.htm#vbs Gajewski contradicts Sudre at several other points, so this descrepancey is no suprise.

I would use 'dodo' but it is up to you.
As I know, Sudre and Gajewski wrote about two past tenses: imperfect (with mark “dodo”) and pluperfect (with mark “rere”).
faremito be (in most abstract, common sense),
solsidoto run.
We can imagine such verb’s paradigm (without Passive Voice):
dore faremiI am,
dore dodo faremiI was,
dore rere faremiI had been (English-speakers, is this translation a correct?),
dore mimi faremi I will be,
dore fafa faremi if I be,
domi solsol faremiYou must be!
lala faremibeing,
sisi faremibeen.
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Solsi domi