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Hi, and thanks for all the terrific work you are doing here. Thanks.

Now, I only yesterday found out there is no translation for the word "but".
I was using the "translator" and I could not find a translation also for the verb "to must". I though it might be an error, but then I actually could not find it in the DOC file.

Then I found it in the other dictionary, the Gajewski one, and some others which - I suppose - refer to it.

There, the word I found for "BUT" is "SOLDO".
But the (official?) translation for SOLDO is "Rien, néant, nullité - Nul, aucun, Nullement, aucunement", correctly translated as "Nothing, nil, naught, null".

Then, using the original file and my knowledge of French, I finally found it: BUT = MIMIDORE.

So, my suggestion is: why don't we add it into the "translator", I am sure a lot of people would appreciate that?

Similarly, what seems to be the correct translation for "to must" is FALADO.

Thanks for all the good work

There are some versions of Solresol: variant of Sudre (or his wife), which had complete dictionary (1866), and two variants of Gajewski (1902 was the year of last authorized revision of Solresol). If we want a complete dictionary, we can only use the book of year 1866. According to this book, “but” is translated as mimidore. Not very short word, of course.