Saturday, June 2, 2012

What I accomplished:
  • Fixed the numerous issues that resulted from the server move.
  • Ran a link check on the Resources... I suppose it could be a lot worse... :|
What's in the works (hopefully I'll actually do some of this soon):
  • More work on the FAQ page (adding and refining stuff).
  • Update the translator database and add more features to the translator.
  • Copy forum design to rest of site (thanks for the suggestion, Garrison!).
  • Fix the recent news and discussion lists on the index page (they work a bit weirdly right now).
  • Mirror all resources on the resource list, just in case they ever disappear.
Rather than just keep posting the lists of accomplishments and plans, I figure I'll start adding some commentary so it doesn't get boring. Anyway, like I said above, I ran the Resources page through a link checker to check the status of all the links. Unfortunately, it appears there are a few casualties: a forum now requiring registration to view (but apparently without a registration page), a cached Google result now gone, and a page taken offline in an apparent site redesign.

This tells me that now is the time to archive all these resources before more disappear, potentially forever. I've contacted the person who did the site redesign, so hopefully he has a copy of that lying around. I'll keep trying to find a way to register for the registered-only forum, but they don't have an obvious way to contact any staff. The cached Google result may, unfortunately, be gone forever, since the site had already been gone for a while.

In any case, I will begin archiving the rest of the resources, and linking to the local copy and the source, so I don't have to make another post like this one. I know there are plenty of interesting reads in the Resources list, and even I haven't fully gone through them all. With this effort, hopefully we all will have that opportunity. :)

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