Sunday, August 12, 2012

What I accomplished: What's in the works (hopefully I'll actually do some of this soon):
  • Finish a lot of stuff in time for Solresol Day.
This is mostly just an "I'm still alive" post. I now have a temp job working with a past associate on a book she's about finished writing, and she needs all the computer stuff done (she's not good with computers), but I'm still working as hard as I can to deliver an awesome update for Solresol Day. I've moved all updates to a separate test site for now, since I don't want anything half-finished and/or broken on this main site. Of course, all the updates on the test site will be moved over here on Solresol Day. :D

In other news, someone has created a Solresol subreddit and posted a few resources on it. I'd considered doing that before, but I didn't want to risk splitting our community (it was hard enough "moving" the Google Group conversations over here). Anyway, I'm not criticizing the creator of the subreddit; I'm just curious to see how it affects the landscape of Solresol. I encourage members of Sidosi to check it out, if not post there. Just make sure to let us know over here on Sidosi if anything big happens over on Reddit! ;)

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