Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What I accomplished:
  • Added 2 resources: Doug Bigham's edited version of Grammar of Solresol, and the Solresol subreddit.
  • Archived almost all resources on the Resources page.
  • Fixed some inconsistent dates in past Work Journal entries.
What's in the works (hopefully I'll actually do some of this soon):
  • Refactor the translator code, to make it easier to update.
  • Figure out the translator update issue, and push it to production.
  • Fix the recent news and discussion lists on the index page (they work a bit weirdly right now).
  • Copy forum design to rest of site (thanks for the suggestion, Garrison!).
  • Update the translator database and add more features to the translator.
If you haven't seen the news post, Happy Solresol Day!

The list of updates isn't very long, but of course the big one is the Resources Archive. Now, if one of the resources disappears (like some already have), visitors can use the Archive URL to access a copy stored on the Sidosi server. The copies aren't perfect, but I plan on editing the archived resources to work better. It may be as simple as removing the header if I obtained the resource from an Internet cache, or as complicated as fixing a table of contents to link to the correct page/section. I already mostly fixed the copies of Grammar of Solresol, since most copies had broken image and table of contents links, but there's a lot more fixing to be done. In any case, this will make the Resources page the largest permanent archive of Solresol resources, suitable for any researcher to use without fear of the typical dynamic nature of the Internet.

Like I said in the news post, now that the major part of the Solresol Resource Archive project is done, I can now focus on the smaller stuff, so hopefully that "(hopefully I'll actually do some of this soon)" will be gone next time! :lol:

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