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June 6, 2017 - Returned to Sidosi, updated forum, improved forum anti-spam measures

Weekly news on Sidosi's smaller updates
Tuesday, June 6, 2017

What I accomplished:
  • Already announced, but updated the forum software to the latest version
  • Also already announced, but added several anti-spam measures to the forums
  • Successfully redid the custom code to allow Color and Music Note Solresol to be posted in the forums
  • Added the Sidosi logo back to the forum header
What's in the works:
  • Restructure and redesign the Resources page
  • Update the Resources page
  • Redesign the overall website look and feel
  • Refactor the translator code, to make it easier to update
  • Fix the recent news and discussion lists on the index page (they work a bit weirdly right now)
  • Add more features to the translator
  • Community Outreach
  • Solresol Lessons

Well, it's been a while for the Work Journal, but we're back to getting work done! Much of what I say here has already been covered in the recent "State of Sidosi", but I figure it's time for a new Work Journal entry!

As you may have noticed, Sidosi was down for a bit a few days ago. I was updating the long-outdated forum software to its latest version, as well as adding new anti-spam measures to the forums. The spam was becoming too much to handle, and of course outdated software is a security risk. The process didn't go as smoothly as I had planned, but it was successful, nonetheless. If you have any issues on the forums, please report them!

A few things were lost with the update. The old forum style (template, theme, whatever you want to call it) has not been updated in just as long, so it is not compatible with the latest forum version. However, I do have a replacement lined up for the future website redesign. With the style loss, the Sidosi logo in the upper-left corner was also lost, but I've now replaced it. Finally, as you can see above, I've fixed the Color and Music Note Solresol in the forums. The update rendered my custom code incompatible, but I was able to make the code compatible with a bit of work.

Well, that's all for this Work Journal entry! The "What's in the works" section is in roughly the order that I plan to work on things, so the next task is the hallmark of Sidosi, the Resources list! No doubt there have been new Solresol resources appear in the past few years, so those will be added, as well as the whole page getting a facelift. Until next time, dosimimi!

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Thank you for returning to us! We need some strong leadership to give us incentive to post and to successfully revive Solresol.