Saturday, June 17, 2017

What's in the works:
  • Restructure and redesign the Resources page
  • Update the Resources page
  • Redesign the overall website look and feel
  • Refactor the translator code, to make it easier to update
  • Fix the recent news and discussion lists on the index page (they work a bit weirdly right now)
  • Add more features to the translator
  • Community Outreach
  • Solresol Lessons
This is a slightly different Work Journal entry than usual. I've decided that, in the name of communication, I will post a Work Journal entry at least once a week, even if I haven't completed any work. That way, I can at least give a progress update on things! With that, onward to the update!

I have indeed been working on the first item in the list above. The catch is that the original resource list was never actually completed. I have all of the resources listed and archived, but barely any of the metadata (author, publication date, etc.) was ever put in. I'm currently looking through all of the original resources, gathering that metadata, as well as adding some new metadata that will make it easier to search through the resource list.

I'm about halfway done with that process, and once that is complete, I will begin adding the new resources to the list. For the record, I expect the resource list to more than double in size with this update, hence the amount of time this whole process will take. Finally, once the data is taken care of, I will be redesigning the Resources page to present this data in a much more attractive and useful way. That redesign will then lead right into the redesign of the whole website, since I will already have to preemptively add some of those design elements to the Resources page.

Anyway, that's the update! Nothing to show yet, but it will be an awesome update when it is done!

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