A compilation of information about Solresol, the universal musical language

how would writing actual numbers work then?

Solresol using numbers: 1, 2, 3, ...
so let's say that you are using the number system to write solresol, but then when you want to write an actual number, how would you tell the difference? I understand that one way could be writing the actual number out, like how you would say it. Like in English, the difference between writing "sixty-nine," and "69". If you have to do that, then there's not a sense between the two.. so how would that work?
When writing Solresol with numbers, you simply replace every syllable with its appropriate number. Just as in any other language, Solresol has its own word for every number:
Redodo - one
Remimi - two
Refafa - three
Resolsol - four
Falala - billion
Fasisi - trillion

So if you want to say, "I have seven books," you say, "Dore famisol mimido lados'ol". When transposing this to numbers, it just becomes, "12 435 331 615".
So in this case, 7 = 331, which is confusing looking, but the numbers aren't actually numbers - they're simply a shorthand, a different way of expressing the language that is, at its heart, music.
Maybe you could just write actual numbers in quotes or between slashes or something... I guess that's one possible way to work around the problem. Not that you need it that often in a normal discussion. For something mathematical however, it might be useful.

123 = doremi
/123/ = one-hundred twenty-three

One might as well recode letters to numbers, so that a=1 b=2 c=3... nah, I'm just joking. xD