A compilation of information about Solresol, the universal musical language

English letters representing Solresol?

Solresol using glyphs
I was wondering, why can't we use English characters to represent Solresol's letters, at least for now? We can't connect the letters, of course, but I think it would probably still work.

I think that we could represent them with something like this:
do: O
re: |
mi: n (or maybe ^)
fa: \
sol: - (or _ if it works better)
la: C
si: /

O _/n| C\. O| \C| n|O- O\

Hehe, it kinda looks like a bad attempt at ascii art \(-_-)/
I think, this is very good idea for some kind of devices (e. g., smartphones).
haha, I guess it does look like ascii art... kind of.
I had smartphones and such in mind, though I thought it might work here as well. The only problem that I can see, though, is that it's easier to memorize things by how they look as apposed to how they're spelled, so this method kind of changes the stenograph's appearance.