A compilation of information about Solresol, the universal musical language


Solresol is strongly encouraged, but not required
I think, that we need a topic specially for poems in Solresol (our Forum already has a topic about one poem; maybe, it is logical to unite these ones?).

I present my poem in Solresol (with translation to English). I have used some poetic licenses (lack of auxiliary verb “faremi” — “to be”, words’ disorder — Passive Verb-Noun) for needs of rhyme and rhythm. I think, that poetic license will be permissible in Solresol poetry (like departures from normal grammar in Esperanto poetry, legalized by the author of Esperanto).

[A travel]

fasîdore remiredo fa refadosi.
refa fâsisolfa do famisol fâdosi.
sire ladosol mimiremî fâlasido,
sire lâfare mimiremî sifâredo.

[Traveler is going to the library.
His way hasn’t end.
Each book <is> like a continent,
Each page <is> like a state (country).]

lla sôlsimisol misolsila mimiresî
rêremisol fâredoffa lasi laredo.
dôredo faremi sîsire dosolrêsi,
mire mido sôlmila solmi sisîlado.

[Thoughts are dancing on the
Sand <, making> furrows of an alphabet.
Time is an accidental wind,
Which for memory <is> evil murderer.]

rêremisol mimi faremi relasolre,
mimi faremi sifadosi fasîdore.
simifafa mimi faremi midodosî
sôlsilaffa sifamîfa re misoldôsi.

[Sand will be thrown,
Traveler will be exiled.
<There> will be a map with
Signs unknown and various.]

fasîdore solsifâsi mimi ladofa,
la simifafa mimi dosolsifa dofa.

[A new traveler will read,
The map will guide him.]
We should also start work on a Solresol anthem.