Welcome to the Sidosi Community, an effort to build international interest in Solresol, the universal musical language. If you would like to learn more about Solresol or the Sidosi Community, you can read the FAQ, or you can visit the Resources page, and start learning Solresol! We also have a rudimentary Solresol-English translator available for use, but it should not be considered reliable until more community testing can be done.

If you have not already, I encourage you to join our Community. We're currently a small community, and we need people like you to learn and help build the Solresol language. It's fun (you get to help create an international language!), easy (only 7 syllables to learn!), and you get to meet great people (like us!). Join the Solresol Community today! :)

P.S. Seeing how today is the birthday of François Sudre, the father of Solresol, we have declared it International Solresol Day. Solsire Doremi lasi Solresol!