A compilation of information about Solresol, the universal musical language

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Short texts

Solresol is strongly encouraged, but not required
dore larefare similasi fasol sôlsidofaa simisôlla misisimî la sôlresol.
sôlsidofa sifa miladôla mi resîsol

resîdosi. dore famisol sîmilasol lafa. sîmifasi redo mimi faremi redomila misisilâ dôresol sifasôlfa.
resîresol. misolsolmi, mimi dolamisol dosimisol domi soldodomî?
resîdosi. do, resîresol redo! misolsolmi, domi mimi dolamisi soldodomî.
(sôlsidofa sifa = anecdote, very short story)
“dore falare falasolsol sire falamî fâsimisol redôdo lasi domidola”.
“faremi domi resôlsifa lasi sôldoredo fasolfâre mifalâla?”
“do! dore faremi sollâfare”.