A compilation of information about Solresol, the universal musical language

September 20, 2017: In the next few days, Sidosi's web host will be performing major upgrades on the server that hosts Sidosi. During this time, Sidosi may experience intermittent downtime. The web host will give notice on the day that the maintenance is to be performed, and I will do my best to then edit this announcement to inform everyone of the expected downtime that day. For now, if you experience issues accessing Sidosi, just try again later.

Solresol Day 2017!

Discussions regarding Solresol as a whole, including tutorials/guides, special events, and other resources.
Misisol Doremi lasi Solresol! Happy Solresol Day!

Wow. I haven't been on this site in sooooo long, but I happened upon a mention of a Sidosi/Solresol revival on Twitter and wanted to send my best wishes. Glad to see things are still kickin' here and that there's still interest in Solresol. :D

Have a great Solresol Day y'all!
Same to you!

Also, I happen to own the Solresol Discord server if you are interested in joining! There's still a lot of things to be done but I am glad to be a part of the Solresol community and see Solresol still getting the love it deserves.

Happy Solresol Day!!


Simi re misisol Doremi lasi Solresol!

Yeah, I hadn't been on the site for a long time, either, but the cries of members driven out by spam brought my return a couple of months ago. Since then, I've done a few major things, and I have a couple announcements to make tomorrow (my time) for Solresol Day. I've kept busy with the ISO application, the wiki, some other smaller or more distant goals, and of course the stuff for Solresol Day. One significant development that wasn't my doing is La Lasîrela, a Discord server set up in my absence and when everyone thought Sidosi was lost. And yeah, sorry you had to finally hear about Sidosi's revival through Twitter. I'm working on Solresol/conlang community outreach, and tomorrow's updates should greatly help that aspect.

Anyway, I know it's been a while, but I hope you stay around! A lot of exciting things are happening for Solresol with new efforts being coordinated!