Misisol Doremi lasi Solresol and Happy Solresol Day! Today is a special day, not only because it is the 230th birthday of the great Jean-François Sudre, but also because it's the 6th birthday of Sidosi! To celebrate the occasion, I have a big update for today! Read on to learn more!

New Design

After 6 years, Sidosi finally has a new design! It's still a work in progress, since many individual pages need to be updated to take full advantage of the new design, but everything should still be usable. The design is based on the colors that represent the word "sidosi", red and violet, with violet being the primary color. This new design brings with it full mobile compatibility, so the non-forum pages should now be more easily readable and useable on mobile devices. In addition, as you might notice, the website and forums now share the same design, so navigating around Sidosi should be less jarring now. The wiki will take more work to adapt the new design, but it's in the plans. Expect a lot of work in the near future to refine the design, and please report any issues in the Website Support forum.

Social Media

Sidosi now has a Facebook and Twitter page! Both pages will of course be used to share news about Sidosi, but they will also be used to reach out to their larger respective communities and share general Solresol/conlang news and resources. Expect Facebook to be used mostly for larger, more significant announcements, and Twitter to be used mostly for shorter announcements and other bits of information. Sidosi can be found on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SidosiSolresol and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/SidosiSolresol, or you can click the (more visible) links below!

Sidosi on Facebook
Sidosi on Twitter

The Future
I'm getting a bit sentimental here, but I'm very happy with how far Sidosi has come in its existence, despite the challenges that came with it. Sidosi started as a simple page of resources I made after I rediscovered Solresol and then posted for all to use. Now, it's crazy to think that Sidosi has a forum system, a wiki, a much larger resource list, and a Solresol translator! On top of Sidosi's features, the current ISO language code application effort is just amazing, especially since it will be a major advancement for the development and promotion of Solresol. Let's work together and see where we are in another 6 years!