Simi!      SiMi
I am a writer and was using various conlangs (Esperanto, Ido, Universalglot) in a work I am writing. I thought I had seven conlangs, but found I was one conlang short. One cannot have just 6! And so I picked Solresol once I determined that some information on the content of the language was available online.

I don't know exactly how I first learned about Solresol, but I know it is mentioned briefly in Pierre Janton's 'Esperanto: Language, Literature and Community.'

I have started a Solresol blog to go along with my other neglected conlang blogs. I am writing up some VERY elementary Solresol lessons there. I'm giving the glossary words in English, Esperanto and German, and hope to add other languages so the material will be useful for international learners. I am sure it is full of mistakes but welcome corrections.