A compilation of information about Solresol, the universal musical language


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Here is probably the largest compilation of information about Solresol the Web has seen (108 resources,98 archived). Resources are categorized appropriately, and sorted by an arbitrary formula of age, relevance, and activity. Some resources would be extremely difficult to archive (such as an online translator), and so are not archived here. "MISSING" after the name unfortunately means that the resource disappeared between discovery and actual archiving, and no backup could be found. At the end of each entry is a pound sign. Copying the URL of a pound sign allows you to directly link to a resource entry of this page. When a link to a specific resource on this page is loaded, the entry for that resource is highlighted. Show/Hide All

Solresol Communities
Authoritative Documents
Significant Examples
Miscellaneous Information
Popular Culture
General Summaries
Old Discussions
Commercial Resources

Solresol Communities #

Find others that speak Solresol!

Authoritative Documents #

Copies and translations of the works of major contributors to Solresol, currently François Sudre and Boleslas Gajewski

Significant Examples #

Significant actual uses of Solresol

Dictionaries #

Dictionaries of Solresol created or translated by others

History #

History of Solresol

Analyses/Reviews #

Analyses and reviews of Solresol

Blogs #

Blogs/Posts about Solresol

Miscellaneous Information #

Resources that contain a wide variety of information about Solresol

Popular Culture #

Solresol in pop culture

General Summaries #

General information about Solresol

Old Discussions #

Old, inactive discussions about miscellaneous Solresol topics

Archives #

Archives of documents about Solresol

Commercial Resources #

Resources that are not available for free, and must be purchased

My Own Notes

Feel free to ignore this part if you want. It's just sort of a repository for some of my ideas about Solresol.