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Solresol makes use of a loose category system to add order to the vocabulary, as well as making it slightly easier to guess a words meaning at a glance.

The document Theorié et Pratique introduces a more detailed category system compared to what was demonstrated in previously studied publications. Specifically, it shows categories based on the first group of syllables of a word. For three syllable words, the first group would be the first syllable, and for four syllable words, it would be the first two syllables.

Theorié et Pratique does not include categories for words of four syllables in length and which have one doubled syllable. This document also refers to syllable-length categories as a "clef", more detailed categories as "races", and word groups of six as "families".

The first part of a race or clef indicates that no repeated syllables are placed next to each other in a word (for example; doremi would belong to the first part), and the second part of a race or clef is when a word has a doubled syllable (for example; dorere).


Moods and tenses of verbs

Originally; Modes, temps des verbes.

First race, of monosyllables and duosyllables

Originally; Premiere race des monosyllabes & des dissyllabes.

First family

Second family: Personal determinative pronouns, indeterminate, and opposite meanings

Originally; 2e Famille: Pronoms personnels déterminés, indéterminés, et sens inverses.

Third family: Possessive determinative pronouns and adjectives

Originally; 3e Famille: Pronoms et adjectifs possessifs déterminatifs.

Fourth family: Conjunctive or relative pronouns, opposite meanings

Originally; 4e Famille: Promons conjonctifs ou relatifs, sens inverses.

Fifth family: Conjunctive and demonstrative pronouns, opposite meanings

Originally; 5e Famille: Pronoms conjonctifs, dèmonstratifs et sens inverses.

Sixth family: Particles and opposite meanings

Originally; 6e Famille: Particules et sens inverses.

Seventh family: Particles and opposite meanings

Originally; 7e Famille: Particules et sens inverses.

Eighth family: Particles and opposite meanings

Originally; 8e Famille: Particules et sens inverses.

Races of trisyllables (first part)

Originally; Races. Suite de Trissyllabes.

Race of DO: Religious ideas

Originally; Idées religieuses.

Race of RE: Philosophical ideas

Originally; Idées philosophiques

Race of MI:

Race of FA:

Race of SOL:

Race of LA:

Race of SI:

Races of trisyllables (second part)

Originally; Races Trissyllabes.

Creation, the Universe: seasons, months and division of time

Originally; La creation, l'Univers. Saisons, mois, division du temps.

The next category starts at family number 2; redodo.


  • Family number 1:
    • Dodore, dodomi, dodofa, dodosol, dodola, dodosi
  • Family number 2:
    • Dorere, domimi, dofafa, dosolsol, dolala, dosisi
  • Family number 1:
    • Reredo, reremi, rerefa, reresol, rerela, reresi
  • Family number 2:
    • Redodo, remimi, refafa, resolsol, relala, resisi
  • Family number 1:
    • Mimido, mimire, mimifa, mimisol, mimila, mimisi

Numbers: Cardinals, ordinals, fractions, collectives and multiples

Originally; Nombres: Cardinaux, ordinaux, fractionnaires, collectifs et multiples.

Sky, time and stars

Originally; Ciel, temps, astres

Clef of DO: The human race and food

Originally; Genre humain, alimentations.

Race of DORE:

Race of DOMI: The human race

Originally; Le genre humain.

Race of DOFA:

Race of DOSOL:

Race of DOLA:

Race of DOSI:

Clef of RE: Toiletries, household items and family

Originally; Objéts de toilette et de maison, famille

Race of REDO: Toiletries

Originally; Objets de toilette.

Race of REMI:

Race of REFA:

Race of RESOL:

Race of RELA:

Race of RESI:

Clef of MI: Actions and faults of humanity

Originally; Actions, défauts de l'humanité

Race of MIDO: Thoughts and actions

Originally; Pensées & actions

Race of MIRE:

Race of MIFA:

Race of MISOL:

Race of MILA:

Race of MISI:

Clef of FA: Countryside and agriculture

Originally; Campagne, agriculture

Race of FADO: Nature, countryside and agriculture

Originally; Nature, campagne, agriculture

Race of FARE:

Race of FAMI:

Race of FASOL:

Race of FALA:

Race of FASI:

Clef of SOL: Fine arts and sciences

Originally; Beaux-arts, sciences.

Race of SOLDO: Theater

Originally; Théatre.

Race of SOLRE:

Race of SOLMI:

Race of SOLFA:

Race of SOLLA:

Race of SOLSI:

Clef of LA: Industry and commerce

Originally; Industrie, commerce.

Race of LADO: Industry and commerce

Originally; Industrie & commerce.

Race of LARE:

Race of LAMI:

Race of LAFA:

Race of LASOL:

Race of LASI:

Clef of SI: City and administrations

Originally; Ville, administrations

Race of SIDO: City and monuments

Originally; Ville, monuments

Race of SIRE:

Race of SIMI:

Race of SIFA:

Race of SISOL:

Race of SILA: