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Misolresol fa la Sidosi

Símilafa lasolfasol

Simi! Welcome to the Sidosi Wiki!

The purpose of this wiki is to promote community-edited content about Solresol and ultimately create a Solresol-language wiki. To get started, simply create an account! You may edit without an account, but you'll be subjected to frequent CAPTCHAs, and you won't have access to full functionality. Since this wiki is new, there is currently a to-do list with ideas for the development of the wiki.

Guides and Guidelines

  • Why create an account? (from Wikipedia, but many points apply here)
  • Sidosi Wiki will be run with Wikipedia's general principles in mind. Consider Wikipedia: Plain and simple to be Sidosi's rules/guidelines for the time being.
  • For general-purpose help with using the wiki software, visit the help website.

Solresol-language wiki

The Sidosi Wiki is also home to the first Solresol-language wiki! Because proper translation support is not possible without a language code, all Solresol-language pages are under the "Solresol:" namespace, with Solresol:lâfare mirefâmi being the main page of the Solresol-language wiki. To search for or create a Solresol-language page, you may use the forms below for convenience. Because the nature of the language allows for variances (e.g. using various symbols to denote accents), the recommended way of writing Solresol in the Solresol namespace is Sudre's. For a quick guide, see Help:Solresol namespace.