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Misolrela is a Solresol community created by Garrison Osteen in 2011.[1] It is a Google Group created for "reviving the language through the assimilation of as many interested people as possible and by making information more easily available and standardized".[2] Misolrela is best known for hosting Garrison's efforts on his English translation of several Solresol dictionaries.[3][4] The discussions leading up to the creation of Sidosi also took place in Misolrela.[5]


The initial idea for Misolrela came after the posting of the PDF of Langue musicale universelle on the Solresol Facebook group in 2010. A member of the Facebook group was said to be working on an English-translation spreadsheet of the dictionary.[6] However, a year later, no progress had been posted, so Garrison inquired if work was still being done on it.[7] That member replied, saying that they gave up, and encouraging Garrison to continue his effort.[8] He also stated, "Solresol really needs its own site/forums, instead of being a homeless language on the net".[9]

On June 15, 2011, Misolrela was created with its first post, a link to Garrison's in-progress spreadsheet.[1] Then, on August 1, Garrison posted a link to Misolrela in the Solresol Facebook group, sparking an increase in activity, including several linguistic discussions about Solresol.[10]

A week after the post on Facebook, Dan Parson posted an idea for a Solresol translator,[11] which grew to include a list of Solresol resources.[12] After multiple posts suggesting the idea of a hosted forum system,[13][14] Dan set up a forum system and created Sidosi, essentially the successor to Misolrela.[15]


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