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Sidosi is a Solresol community website created by Dan Parson in 2011.[1] It provides "a compilation of information about Solresol, the universal musical language" through an archive of Solresol resources, a Solresol translator, community forums, and a wiki. Sidosi began as an effort to help the Misolrela community organize information about Solresol, and, with the addition of a forum system, became Misolrela's successor.


Sidosi initially began as as unnamed website created by Dan to host a Solresol translator for Misolrela,[2] but then took on the name "Sidosi" as Dan added his personal Solresol resource list to the website.[1] In a discussion about the translator, multiple members of Misolrela expressed interest in a dedicated community forum,[3][4] so Dan began setting up a forum system on Sidosi.[5] On August 15, 2011 (Solresol Day), the forum system and translator were launched, officially creating the "Sidosi community".[6][7]

A week after Sidosi's launch, the resource list saw a major update, bringing the total number of resources up to 100.[8] After some domain issues in December 2011, Sidosi was moved to its own domain, sidosi.org.[9] To build a knowledge base of information about Solresol, a wiki was launched in August 2012.[10]

For the next several years, Sidosi went largely unchanged and unsupervised, due to personal issues in Dan's life.[11][12][13][14] Several times, the forums became overrun with spam, and Dan briefly intervened to clean up the spam, but his efforts were futile.[15] In late 2016, La Lasîrela was created to salvage the information from the then-decrepit Sidosi, and multiple mirrors of Sidosi popped up.[16][17][18]

Finally, in June 2017, a post in the Solresol Facebook group informed Dan of the community's desperate attempts to contact him.[19] After reestablishing communication with some members of the community, he quickly returned to work on Sidosi, fixing the spam issue immediately.[20][21] Currently, Dan has started an effort to get Solresol an ISO 693-3 language code.[22]

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