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Understanding the word: sire

The Solresol word "sire" is a word that can be used very generally, or very specifically, depending on the context of the sentence and the accentuation given. It can act as a pronoun, noun, adjective and adverb, which exceeds the number of accents you'd need to clearly indicate the right meaning of the word you're intending to use.

This article will show official examples of its usage in various circumstances, which will be analysed, and hopefully will give you a better understanding of how to use it by the end. All of these examples are given in the official examples page.


  • Sire resól fásolfa dosisol domisire sôlsisolsi Domisol.
    • All our actions must tend to the glory of God.
    • Toutes nos actions doivent tendre à la gloire de Dieu

Sire is quite clear in its use in this example, especially as it's followed by a pronoun and then noun.

Usage: every <noun>, all <noun>