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As to Group 1, I think, that there are 2 specific subgroups: A. Roots without verb (remidosi, lafalami). B. Roots with two noun and one agent noun. Examples: dodolado - théologie

dOdolado - théologal (teacher, tutor) [at the alphabetical part - typo: both théologal and théologique have equivalent with the accent on LA]

dodOlado - théologien (scientist)

dodolAdo - théologique

dodoladO - théologiquement

dodosolla - christianisme [at the alphabetical part - typo: dOdosolsi, and both christianisme and chrétienté have first accented syllable]

dOdosolla - chrétienté

dodOsolla - chrétien, chrétienne

dodosollA - chrétiennement, en chrétien

And I think about Group 4 as mixed.This roots have and grammatical derivatives (adjectives, adverbs), and derivatives with new lexical meanings (nouns). Some examples:

dolasolre - rotir, griller

dôlasolre - rôti (a result, a product)

dolâsolre - rôtisseur (agent, who sales a product)

dolasôlre - rôtissoire (an instument for the verb) [according to the alphabetical part - dolasolrê]

dolasido - saler

dôlasido - sel

dolâsido - salaison

dolasîdo - salière [according to the alphabetical part - dolasidô]

falalare - enrhumer

fâlalare - rhume

falâlare - grippe

falalâre - coqueluche

falalarê - catarrhe

siremila - régner

sîremila - régne

sirêmila - régnant

siremîla - trône (a place for the action of verb)

sisolmisi - agioter

sîsolmisi - agiotage

sisôlmisi - agioteur

sisolmîsi - agio [according to the alphabetical part - sisolmisî]